Month: January 2017

School Is Excited About Rock Climbing

Stone surfaces are currently trending in Dorchester District Two.

Natalie Wheeler, final- and fifth grade literacy interventionist and Study 180 instructor at Pye Primary, was effective this season Pye Elementary’s pupils might take advantage of a mountain climbing wall in displaying. The wall is planned to reach this term and you will be an 8-foot by 20-foot wall for that pupils.

Wheeler began focusing on the obtaining the stone wall through BlueCross BlueShield in the beginning of the college year. (more…)

Keep Your Home And Family Safe With Chimney Sweeping Kitchener

chimney sweepingIf you have a fireplace, you need a reliable company that is able to offer fast, professional chimney sweeping. A dirty chimney is a recipe for disaster. In fact, when regular cleaning and service is neglected, homeowners dramatically increase the likelihood of a devastating house fire. (more…)


Start Building A New Kitchen With Legacy Kitchens Today

Whatever the current state or size of your kitchen, you can start building a new kitchen with Legacy Kitchens today. Of course, some kitchens only require minor fixes such as replacing countertops, or old cabinets, fixtures, or appliance. However, many are a total gut-job. Depending on the side of the spectrum you sit, you may find the prospect of having your kitchen redone to be daunting. This is where the skill and expertise of the folks at Legacy Kitchens become handy. (more…)