Businesses Doing Great Things and How You Can Too

With so much sound, be sure to understand what you are doing, for you as well as your businesses sake (or client).

Many variables contribute to some successful rebrand — strong research, stellar imagination, a strategic launching plan and more. But here’s one crucial variable that’s often overlooked: the relationship between the branding business and the CMO. A rewarding relationship can make sure a brand succeeds. Here are three significant things to think about.

1. Falling For The Right Associate

Process, case studies and references are all important, but how can a CMO feel assured he or she is able to work successfully together with the branding company’s team? Meeting the people who will actually work with the initiative is important. Who’ll function as the principal client contact? Will there be a good connection with the strategy head as well as the design director? Visits to the business’s offices can offer important clues concerning if the branding business’s culture is aligned with that of the organization. You’ll be working with these people — before you commit, be sure you proceed beyond a first date.

For example there’s a current challenge at BlackBerry round the concept of changing to applications from hardware. Branding remains challenging for the firm having a legacy in hardware design although the shift from smartphone manufacturer to software company of blackBerry is whole, says one of its top executives.

Chief operating officer Marty Beard stated that while the technology company is “100 per cent complete” in its transformation, shifting understandings about BlackBerry remains an impediment.

“Largest challenge?” Beard said Thursday in an interview. “You’ve got decades, literally, of a brand associated predominantly with smartphones — we created that space.”

Focus on connectivity, auto software

Beard said the efforts of BlackBerry now centre on which it sees as an important trend, connectivity, and securing all the devices consumers and companies hook up to their Internet network, like tablet computers, cell phones and wearables.

2. Keep The Love

It’s no secret: Successful branding is a collaborative effort between the service and the company. More importantly, they expect to contribute in meaningful ways. Gone are the times when an agency developed a brand behind closed doors and then presented it, completely parched and using a drumroll, to the client. Too often that approach led to disappointment that was inevitable and misaligned expectations.

CMOs want and expect to be totally involved in brand development, today, and branding companies should support their contribution at all points, which is what Burke Design: a local firm swears by. Work sessions with CMOs discuss preliminary layout investigations or to review research results can help capture their insider view before it’s presented to a wider audience, and represent it in the brand work.

Obviously, for such a collaboration to work, there needs to be trust and mutual regard. And like every relationship that is personal, it requires continuing care and feeding. When the honeymoon period is over and the going gets tougher (which it inevitably will), fair opinions and open communication can help keep the relationship powerful and successful.

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3. Holding Hands And Bound Together

The CMO is crucial in helping the business that is branding navigate the business’s culture and also the intricacies of its organizational structure. This is essential when scoping out the research protocol and planning how exactly to shepherd the brand through the internal approval procedure.

But it’s equally significant that the CMO not overplay the gatekeeper function even if it is a high end Canadian marketing company; it takes self-confidence for a CMO to present the complete leadership team with work that is sudden and even edgy.

In branding, the best work comes from taking risks that are creative and tactical, and CMOs willing to take risks are so essential to creating brands that are great. Trusting your creative associate will be with you each step of the way and has your back makes taking a jump into the unknown chilling.

We all enter a new relationship with great expectations and high hopes. By supporting and nurturing each other, we could count on a happy and long partnership — one that will create great branding, also.