Have The Time of Your Life When You’re Out Diving With The Sting Rays

The Cayman Islands offer some of the best wall diving in the Caribbean or even the world. The islands are found in west of Jamaica and the Central Caribbean due south of Cuba. Awesome time diving in Cayman Islands consist of three islands, Grand Cayman, Little Cayman, and Cayman Brac. The islands therefore are the exposed tops of a submerged mountain range and are the result of a tectonic plate collision.

The Cayman climate averages 85-105°F (29-39 °C) during the summer and drops to a low of 70°F (19°C) through the winter. Water temperatures average 80°F (20°C) in the winter and 82°F (20°C) throughout the summer.The diving season is May through September but as with the majority of tropical locations, fantastic diving can be found at other times of the year.

Divers from all over the globe descend on the three islands to dive, and the islands don’t disappoint. The Cayman Islands are known for a deep oceanic trench that means close to shore in numerous locations. This trench is the thing that gives Cayman diving its outstanding visibility but better it gets the Caymans the move to spot for wall diving in the Caribbean.

If you have spoken to divers who’ve dived Cayman they always will cite StingRay City on Grand Cayman. Sting Ray City is a particularly shallow dive at just 12ft. (4m) however it’s also one of the very interesting as sting rays swoop all around you in search of food that your guide feeds them. Sting Ray town is one of the dives having been featured on dive and travel magazines and shows.

The Cayman Islands are always rated among the safest places to dive on earth. The Cayman Islands Watersports Operators Association (CIWOA) along with all the Department of the Environment make sure that dip regulations and procedures are in place and followed. Over 200 mooring buoys are changed on an annual basis which permits coral regeneration and provides heavily visited dive sites ships a break from divers, and the resulting impact on the environment.

The Cayman Islands must definitely be placed in your dive to perform list. You won’t be let down.

If there is one place that understands scuba diving company, it’s the Cayman Islands. Known as the birthplace of recreational diving in the Caribbean, the Cayman Islands were leaders in scuba diving as a game to be appreciated by the general populace at the Caribbean and the rest of the planet. On Grand Cayman, the dive store was opened in 1957. There are over 40 dive shops to more than 200 dive websites in operation offering trips, nowadays.

It’s made up of three islands that are actually the vulnerable top of an underwater mountain. The islands are the Cayman Brac the Grand Cayman, and the Little Cayman. The nature of the islands leads to vertical walls and coral structures directly overseas. In reality, most diving places here could be reached directly offshore or within a few hundred yards of shore.

Scuba diving in the Cayman Islands is as diverse as the marine life which adds amazement and beauty to this great location. There’s a lot to see and do to every level of diver no matter if you are a first timer studying, looking to enhance, or are regarded as a master. You can dive in no more than 20 feet or plunge to the depths of 350 feet or more. The main point is that you can find any sort of scuba diving experience that you want and maybe a few that you haven’t thought of yet.

Here’s a brief overview of the 3 islands and of the scuba diving available on each:

Grand Cayman – It’s the largest of the 3 islands and provides for primary areas for scuba diving: the North Wall, the South Side, the East End, and Seven-Mile Beach. Prevailing Southeasterly winds make scuba diving from this South Side a rarity but the experience is well worth waiting for conditions.

Small Cayman – It’s a sister to the Cayman Brac. It is famous for the Bloody Bay Wall located. The best scuba diving around the Little Cayman can be found on the south and north sides but all sites aren’t available years round. Another wonderful attraction of this area is your Jackson Bay Area.

Cayman Brac – It’s most famous for being home to the only Russian Shipwreck that can be achieved by scuba diving in the Caribbean. It is an amazing sight to behold and rests at a depth of 330 feet.

As well as sheer vertical drops and shipwrecks, scuba diving in the Cayman Islands will bring you into intimate contact with numerous coral reefs and colorful fish and marine life which you have just imagined existed.